Potato Grow Bags (With Velcro Window)


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Benefits of Potato Grow Bags:
Breathable Fabric that promotes air pruning
Prevents your roots from being pot bound
Mobile ability with handles
Easily access your potatoes through a window flap

How to plant potatoes in your Plant Matter Potato Grow Bag:
– Fill the Potato Grow Bag to approximately 20cm with your growing medium.
– Evenly spread 3 – 4 seeding potatoes on top of the medium.
– Cover with another 10cm of growing medium.
– As the plants begin to grow, gently sift 10cm or more of either fresh potting soil, thick mulch of hay or bark around the plants. It should be enough to cover the lower stems and leaves.
– Continue this weekly until the bag is nearly filled. Continue to water enough to wet the roots down deep without keeping the plants wet.
– Harvest within 3 to 4 months, the plant should turn yellow or flower.




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