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The absolute minimum equipment that you need to grow is a pot, soil and a grow light inside an indoor setting. For best results, we would recommend adding a grow tent and some form of air circulation (fans).

High Pressure Sodium (HPS) lights produce a massive amount of light, which is great for flowering, however, they also generate a lot of heat, which often requires additional ventilation equipment to maintain a proper grow room temperature. HPS lights use much more electricity to generate light than comparable LED grow light setups and are much less cost effective. HPS is considered to be older technology.

LED Grow Lights are popular among small scale and commercial growers. They can be slightly more expensive than HPS lights but lower on power consumption. LED lights are designed with growth-targeted light energy that can be adjusted for the different phases of growth. They radiate less heat and some LED lights don’t even require fans anymore. For this reason, they can also be placed closer to plants in confined areas with very little risk of heat damage.

For more information watch: LED VS HPS Grow Lights 2020

Hydroponics is a type of grow method that uses water filtration as the medium through which the plant’s roots obtain their food and nutrients. It is a more advanced gow set-up and not recommended for first time growers.

The plants do not generate much smell until the final phase (flowering) when the plant starts to produce buds. You can use an extractor fan and carbon filter to eliminate the smell.
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We ship nationwide in South Africa through the Courier Guy. Courier charges will depend on the size of your package. Shipping costs range between R150- R250 depending on the delivery area. We also have 2 cash pick-up points within Cape Town.

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Some products do come with a warranty as stated on our website.
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