The Bud Stash Pro-Grow Combo – Grow set up

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  • Easy to use
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  • Increase flavor and smell
  • Stress free

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We here at The Bud Stash have decided to share our go to combination to help you have your best grow yet! We have trial and tested this combination and it has shown to be both reliable and very easy to use whilst giving amazing results. This combination is for beginners to experienced growers.

This combination includes the following:

  • 50L Atami Bi Grow Mix – This soil is the cleanest you will find so pest will not be a problem! You also do not need to water as often as the soil holds moisture at the right ratio to look after those roots.
  •  5L Perlite – This 5L perlite compliments the 50L Atami Bi Grow perfectly bringing just enough aeration for healthy root growth and to avoid overwatering.
  • 4x 11L Garden HighPro Propots – Once you have mixed your soil and perlite you can add it to you Propot grow bags. These bags allow your root system to breath easier and have more freedom to grow outwards as apposed to a hard plastic pot.
  • Terra Aquatica Tripart Nutrients – Now that your seed or plant is snug in the soil its time to feed! This Nutrient pack has the perfect combination of nutrients your plant craves. The simple feeding chart provided with the pack allows you to give your plants the best with no stress. It is very hard harm your plants with these nutrients.
  • 50ml Atami Bloombastic – It is now flowering time and time for the secret sauce! This bloom booster is here to help you fatten that fruit/flower and give it a sweet flavor you have never tasted or smelled before. This concentrate goes a long way and your plants will love it.

Now get Growing and thank us later!




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