Extractor fan – HZ-100/150/200 Silent Series Fan 2 Speed

R1,150.00 R1,650.00-20% OFF

Very silent

2 speeds

For extraction or pulling air in

Strong and durable

Helps air circulation

Various sizes available

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The HZ series is perfect if you are looking for a unit with minimal noise and high power. The HZ series are made from a strong plastic which help keep this fan silent. It has a 2 switch setting for low and high speed. If you need air extracted or pulled into a space this fan is perfect for you. The unit is also easy to clean and maintain as it opens up completely with two easy clips. The unit works well with all carbon filters.
Fresh air in and out of your grow space is very important to avoid mould, pests, mildew and rot. This unit is also recommended at the flowering stage to extract the moist air out of your grow space and help keep the humidity low. This avoids bud rot and mildew.




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