110W Full Indoor Grow Set-Up

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The Bud Stash 110W Full Indoor Grow Set-Up is specially curated for smalls grows in apartments or areas with limited space. The set-up can accommodate two plants for optimal results. Get everything you need to grow your own with this premium set-up!

What’s Included?

  • 1x Grow Tent 80cm x 80cm x 160cm
  • 1x 110W Samsung Quantum Board
  • 1x Hanging Rachet
  • 2x Plant Matter Grow Bags
  • 1x HZ100 Extractor Fan
  • 1x 2m Ducting
  • 1x Oscillating Clipfan
  • 1x Hygrometer
  • 1x PH Up 1x PH Down
  • 1x Full Carbon Combo Umya Nutrients

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Good to Know

More Details: 110W Full Indoor Grow Set-Up
Recommended plants for best results 2
Full carbon combo Umya nutrients Includes all the nutrients you need from seed to harvest as well as feeding charts for expert guidance. 
110W full spectrum LED light with Samsung LM301B diodes 1 year | 50, 000 hours  warranty
What is NOT included Soil and seeds




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